Rogue’s Manor at Sweet is a seafood restaurant located in the charming city of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The restaurant is situated at 124 Spring St, making it easily accessible to locals and tourists alike. The restaurant’s phone number for contact is (479) 253-4911. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
The restaurant’s ambiance is warm and inviting, with a cozy and intimate atmosphere perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. The decor is rustic and charming, with wooden accents and dim lighting that creates a relaxing and comfortable environment.
The menu at Rogue’s Manor at Sweet is focused on seafood, offering a variety of fresh and delicious dishes that are sure to satisfy any seafood lover. From shrimp scampi to lobster tail, the restaurant offers a wide range of options to choose from. The restaurant also offers a selection of non-seafood dishes, including steak and chicken, to cater to all tastes.
The restaurant accepts all major credit cards and checks as payment methods, making it convenient for customers to pay for their meals. Overall, Rogue’s Manor at Sweet is a must-visit seafood restaurant in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, offering a delightful dining experience that is sure to leave customers satisfied and happy.

Contact information:

  • Phone: (479) 253-4911
  • Address: Arkansas, Eureka Springs, Eureka Springs 124 Spring St, AR 72632
  • Regular hours: Mon – Tue Closed, Wed – Sun: 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Email:

The best seafood restaurant near me

Rogue’s Manor at Sweet is a seafood restaurant located in the charming city of Eureka Springs. The restaurant boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere, with elegant decor and cozy seating. As soon as you step inside, you’ll be greeted by the friendly staff, who are dedicated to providing exceptional service.
The restaurant offers a wide variety of seafood dishes, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. From succulent shrimp scampi to mouth-watering lobster tail, there’s something for everyone on the menu. The chefs at Rogue’s Manor at Sweet are passionate about creating delicious and innovative seafood dishes, using a range of cooking techniques and flavor combinations.
In addition to their impressive seafood offerings, Rogue’s Manor at Sweet also serves up an array of other dishes, including steak, chicken, and vegetarian options. They also have an extensive wine list, with a selection of reds, whites, and sparkling wines to choose from.
Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a fun night out with friends, Rogue’s Manor at Sweet is the perfect choice. So if you’re in the mood for some delicious seafood and exceptional service, be sure to make a reservation at this fantastic restaurant.
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Rogue’s Manor at Sweet is the ultimate destination for seafood lovers in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Located at 124 Spring St, this seafood restaurant is conveniently situated near me, making it a go-to spot for those searching for seafood near me. With its charming ambiance and exceptional service, it is no surprise that Rogue’s Manor at Sweet is considered one of the best seafood restaurants in the area.
The restaurant boasts a wide variety of seafood dishes, including fresh fish, shrimp, crab, and lobster. Their menu is carefully crafted to cater to all tastes and preferences, from classic seafood dishes to creative and innovative seafood plates. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty seafood chowder or a light and refreshing seafood salad, Rogue’s Manor at Sweet has got you covered.
The restaurant’s commitment to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients sets it apart from other seafood places in the area. Their fish is sourced from local suppliers, ensuring that each dish is packed with flavor and freshness. Additionally, their chefs are highly skilled and experienced in preparing seafood, guaranteeing that every meal is cooked to perfection.
Overall, Rogue’s Manor at Sweet is the perfect spot for those looking for the best seafood in Eureka Springs. With its exceptional food, charming ambiance, and top-notch service, it is the ultimate destination for fish restaurants and seafood lovers alike.

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