Kioku Sushi is a seafood restaurant located in the city of Fremont, California. The restaurant is situated at the address Newark 6180 Jarvis Ave Ste V, CA 94560. Kioku Sushi is a great place for seafood lovers who want to experience authentic Japanese cuisine. The restaurant has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for a casual dining experience.
Kioku Sushi is known for its fresh and delicious seafood dishes. The menu features a variety of sushi rolls, sashimi, and other seafood specialties that are expertly prepared by the skilled chefs. The restaurant also offers a selection of appetizers, soups, and salads that complement the main dishes perfectly.
The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, with regular working hours from Monday to Friday, 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, Saturday 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm, and Sunday 12:00 pm – 9:30 pm. Kioku Sushi accepts various payment methods, including Visa, Amex, Discover, and Mastercard.
Overall, Kioku Sushi is a must-visit seafood restaurant in Fremont, California. With its delicious seafood dishes, cozy atmosphere, and excellent service, it is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family and friends.

Contact information:

  • Phone: (510) 796-7088
  • Address: California, Fremont, Newark 6180 Jarvis Ave Ste V, CA 94560
  • Regular hours: Mon – Fri: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, Sat: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm, Sun: 12:00 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Email: [email protected]

The best seafood restaurant near me

Kioku Sushi is a top-notch seafood restaurant located in the bustling city of Fremont. As a premier sushi bar, Kioku Sushi offers an extensive menu of delectable sushi rolls, sashimi, and other Japanese-inspired dishes. Their skilled chefs use only the freshest ingredients, ensuring that every bite is bursting with flavor.
In addition to their dine-in services, Kioku Sushi also offers catering options for your next event. Whether you’re hosting a corporate luncheon or a private party, their team of experienced caterers will work with you to create a custom menu that fits your needs and budget.
As a full-service restaurant, Kioku Sushi also offers a range of other dishes, including hot entrees and appetizers. From classic miso soup to crispy tempura, there’s something for everyone at this popular eatery.
Overall, Kioku Sushi is a must-visit destination for seafood lovers and sushi aficionados alike. With their exceptional food, friendly service, and inviting atmosphere, it’s no wonder why they’re one of the top-rated restaurants in Fremont.

Kioku Sushi is a top-notch seafood restaurant located in the heart of Fremont, California, at 6180 Jarvis Ave Ste V. If you’re searching for the best seafood near me, then look no further than Kioku Sushi. This restaurant is a must-visit for seafood lovers as it serves the freshest and most delicious seafood dishes in town. The restaurant’s menu boasts a wide range of fish restaurants, sushi rolls, sashimi, and other seafood delicacies that will leave you craving for more. Kioku Sushi is one of the most popular seafood places in the area, and it’s not hard to see why. The restaurant’s warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with its exceptional service, makes it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends. So, if you’re looking for the best seafood in town, head over to Kioku Sushi, and you won’t be disappointed.

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