Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Company Catering is a seafood restaurant located in Victorville, California. Situated at 19237 Estancia Way in Apple Valley, this restaurant is a popular destination for seafood lovers in the area. The restaurant is open during regular working hours and can be contacted via phone at (760) 240-7522.
The restaurant offers a wide range of seafood dishes, including fresh fish, shrimp, crab, and lobster. The seafood is cooked to perfection and served with a variety of sides and sauces. The restaurant also offers a selection of pizzas, salads, and sandwiches for those who prefer other types of cuisine.
Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Company Catering has a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, with friendly staff and a casual vibe. The restaurant is perfect for a family dinner, a night out with friends, or a romantic date. The restaurant accepts a variety of payment methods, making it easy to pay for your meal.
Overall, Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Company Catering is a great seafood restaurant in Victorville, California, offering delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Contact information:

  • Phone: (760) 240-7522
  • Address: California, Victorville, Apple Valley 19237 Estancia Way, CA 92308
  • Regular hours:
  • Email:

The best seafood restaurant near me

Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Company Catering in Victorville is a seafood restaurant that offers a wide variety of delicious dishes for seafood lovers. The restaurant is known for its fresh and high-quality seafood, which is sourced from the best suppliers in the area. The menu features a range of seafood options, including shrimp, crab, lobster, and fish, prepared in various styles to cater to different tastes.
The restaurant is also known for its pizza and craft beer, which are made in-house using the freshest ingredients. The pizza menu features a variety of toppings, including seafood, and the craft beer selection is constantly changing, ensuring that there is always something new to try.
Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Company Catering offers a range of services and products, including catering for events and parties. The restaurant also offers takeout and delivery services, making it easy for customers to enjoy their favorite seafood dishes from the comfort of their own homes.
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If you’re looking for the best seafood near me, then Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Company Catering is the place to be! Located in Victorville, California, this seafood restaurant is conveniently located near me at the address Apple Valley 19237 Estancia Way, CA 92308. With a wide range of fish restaurants to choose from in the area, Oggi’s stands out as one of the top seafood places around. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh fish, succulent shrimp, or delicious crab, this restaurant has got you covered. With a menu that includes everything from classic fish and chips to gourmet seafood pasta dishes, there’s something for everyone at Oggi’s. So if you’re looking for the best seafood in town, be sure to check out Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Company Catering today!

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